Why use drone technology for inspections

July 13, 2022
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July 13, 2022 RVI Admin

Being able to access areas and spaces that are either too remote, too inconvenient or too dangerous are the top listed reasons why using drones for inspections are so beneficial, but the technology that comes with the aerial data is what makes it all the more important.

Companies around the world have seen the potential and are harnessing the power of drone technology, which has made drones a crucial tool for inspections as it captures accurate data, safely and quickly resulting in huge cost savings and deeper insights that allow companies to make more informed decisions.

Drones are able to capture a diverse range of data with the use of utilising an array of different cameras, the type of drone inspections that can be performed are: 

Visual drone inspection

A visual survey makes up the vast majority of drone inspections, this type of survey is pretty much what it sounds like, a thorough visual check of each part of an asset, the data is collected during a short drone flight and then reviewed in detail later on.

Zoom Camera Drone Surveys

A key part of a visual survey is using a zoom camera to home in on an area of interest, using a zoom camera delivers a higher level of detail, enabling inspectors to find small defects, rust, or missing parts – all without needing to shut down the operation.

Thermal drone inspections

The most powerful aspect of thermal drone inspections is that they can detect and highlight problems that can be missed during a visual inspection. Operators can spot missing or damaged installation, water under roof membrane and many more issues that a visual inspection can’t detect. 

Photogrammetry and Drone Mapping

Is the process of capturing high-resolution imagery and stitching these pictures together with specialist software to build detailed and georeferenced 2D orthomosaics and 3D models. This type of data has become a crucial inspection tool for tracking changes, and monitoring progress that can be quickly shared with team members and stakeholders. 


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