How 360 Walkthroughs can boost your marketing efforts

August 21, 2022
August 21, 2022 RVI Admin

When buying a property for personal or business needs, it takes a lot of time and patience, this also gets much tougher when there is a geographical distance between the customer and the property. 

360 virtual tours are an excellent feature to showcase the property from the comfort of your customer’s home, but you see it’s more than just a feature, we see 360 walk-through tours as a solution. 

1. Big benefits for customers

Without much disturbance to their normal routine, they can view the property accurately in full a 360 virtual tour which allows the customer to rotate and view the property in any direction, viewing every small aspect on their own accord. This helps the customer understand properly where each room is in relation to their other rooms and removes the guesswork from wide-angle lenses that stretch the truth. The virtual tour lets customers “experience the house” and make a judgment on whether they want to come to view the property in person.

2. Saves agents money, time and a lot of hassle

With customers being savvy as ever, with all the information they have from researching online, they will narrow down to view only the properties they are most interested in. So by having a 360 walkthrough virtual tour, you should be able to bring through “qualified” customers to view the property in person. This relieves the agent of potential time waste and can increase the efficiency on other pressing tasks. 

3. Gives the property an edge over competitors

When everyone is doing flat images, you instantly gain an edge when showcasing virtual tours, the tours engage the customer. Why look through an image of the floor plan when you can interact with the house, in fact, you can even embed hot spots & highlights in your tour that points out important information and features, that can be dynamically linked. By having the 360 virtual tours, you are opening the property to a wider audience, and are able to interstate or overseas investors who now can view the property in a full 360 immersive view. 

Overall, we believe that the greatest marketing strategy for real estate includes the perfect mix of photographs, videos and virtual tours. At Rekon VI we can do all three of these at affordable pricing and fast turnarounds. Contact our team to take advantage of this in your property campaign.

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