Benefits of drone data in the construction industry

September 8, 2022
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September 8, 2022 RVI Admin

The construction industry is notorious for projects running over budget and behind schedule, so there’s no surprise that the use of aerial data captured by drones is becoming more and more common in the industry. Drones are used for a variety of purposes, from initial mapping and surveying of the site to volumetric measurements for cut and fill jobs.

But the reason Project managers are pushing for more drones on construction sites as it is a cost-effective way to close the gap, as builders are able to understand what is happening on their site with real-time data about their projects, and with this, we are going to go through the top benefits of Drones in the construction industry.

Faster real-time data

From the very start, traditional methods of capturing surveying data with land-based equipment is a long time-consuming process, with drones the process is much easier and faster and does not compromise data integrity. This helps in every phase of a construction project, it helps to have intelligent imagery that provides real-time data that can help with planning and decision making, making it easier to ensure better estimates and even come up with the best solution for onsite traffic management. And did we mention FAST data?

Improved Safety For Workers

Drones provide a safer and more efficient way to inspect and monitor your site, construction sites are a busy environment, with heavy machinery and hazardous materials lying around, it may be the case that sending in works could violate health and safety regulations. Project managers and site inspectors are frequently using drone technology for their fast real-time data to conduct site inspections, so they are able to identify any potential hazards/risks on their worksite. With a drone pilot, a safe distance away any type of inspection and or monitoring job can be conducted without putting workers’ health and safety on the line.

Progression Reports and monitoring

Companies can now track what is happening on their site more frequently and monitor the progress of their project faster than any other method currently used. With the use of drones monitoring on a daily, weekly or monthly basis is a breeze, companies can evaluate the aerial data to see whether the project is on schedule or falling behind, so they can make data-driven decisions on how to correct their project course. 

Save costs and improve ROI

Removing the need of staff who manually inspect sites for issues, takes a lot of time and manpower, and this translates to more costs for the company. With the use of drones, many of these tasks can be carried out for a fraction of the time, and these aerial insights provide opportunities to catch problems early before they become costly or add weeks to a project’s timeline. 

The benefits are significant and when you put all these factors together it comes as no surprise that Allied Market Research estimates that by the year 2027, drones in the construction industry will be worth around $11 billion.

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