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Elevate your property marketing and sell real estate faster by captivating your audience with show-stopping visuals that range from photographyvideography, drone and 360 camera virtual tours that will showcase your properties’ unique features and build a strong, professional property portfolio.

Videography and photography are now the centerpiece of real estate presentation to show off a particular property in a distinct light. A convincing video motivates existing audiences and earn new leads.

360 camera virtual tours gain the seller more potential buyers

360 camera data have changed the way potential buyers view a property in the market. It allows the buyer to walk through the property at their own pace and with the fast-moving technology of 360 camera data, potential clients can even measure rooms or any aspect of the property virtually.  Rekonvi uses state of the art 360 camera technology from capturing, to hosting the virtual tour online for our clients.

Selling of the plan? … 3D renders have become more realistic.

From the builder to sale agent, it is a difficult task to showcase the property off the plan. With sellers spending more money to help potential buyers visualise a property through display suites or homes, 3D renders have become more realistic and a cost-effective way to bring the project to life. Rekonvi works with the builders, architects, interior designers, and sales agent to get the best possible realistic 3D visual to bring the project to life.