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We are a team of licenced professionals and CASA certified Canberra locals, flying safely and legally nationwide. We tailor our services to provide you with the best solutions, making your life easier and to free up your time.

For construction, real estate, landowners and more, often the best way to assess your asset is from the air. The unique angle from an aerial view is always a hit and places your assets in the best possible light. As a safety and precautionary measure, there are many better ways to highlight the features of your asset’s layout from a geographical positioning and a different prospective rather than traditional methods.

At Rekonvi we offer everything from drone to gimbal-stabilized cameras for high-definition shots and the highest-end look for the most discerning clients. Aerial photography for real estate, surveying ,construction sites. Whether you are looking at a block or track the construction progress on the latest real-estate development in Canberra and surrounding areas we have got you covered.

aerial asset inspections

Real Estate

Construction & MAPPING Data

aerial asset inspections

Ensure the safety of your assets more frequently while reducing your costs and risks with comprehensive digital data, so that you can make empowered decisions and ensure absolute asset knowledge. Rekonvi specialises in aerial inspections using drone technology to help assess tall or otherwise inaccessible assets and infrastructure. It is a fast, safe and effective way to identify damage and degradation issues, using the aerial data to make informed decisions.

real estate

Elevate your property marketing and sell real estate faster by captivating your audience with show-stopping visuals that range from photography, videography, drone and virtual tours that will showcase your properties’ unique features and build a strong, professional property portfolio.

mapping & construction data

Through interactive digital maps and in-depth analysis, we can improve the ROI of your next construction project so that it can safely run on time and on budget. By creating accurate, high-resolution maps, reports, photos, virtual walkthroughs, 3D models and real-time 2D maps for your site you are able to measure, analyse and mitigate risks with our aerial insights without having to walk onto each job site, saving you time and money.